Radio recording ends and a new song


Radio recording end and released a new song


Also this time it was serious. The recording ended. We will appear on Radio Chappy. Easy to remember 77.7 kHz 12/29 (Friday) Time(Japan) is from 21:15 to 21:30.It will be the first time in a long time. I have been able to announce the new song in mid-December so I will broadcast another one. iTunes Store googles play music Spotify and Amazon are also on sale on sale.

Please listen. I always have something to do in December. I think that it is natural that I got cold, but thankfully the radio work got to enter.

It obviously bothered me, but thankfully I could finish it carefully. Thank you very much for the people concerned, at the end of the year.

I am always grateful for your help.

I also talked about it on the radio but I think that this year was a year when I got a nervous problem due to North Korea’s problems.

It is truly appreciated to announce such songs and to appear on the radio.


thank you

If possible, I do not want to talk about how nuclear weapons or missiles are, and I think that it is not only myself that it is always safe, relaxed and enthusiastic about spending time trying to immerse themselves in favorite things. It can not be said simply, and it is also true that some people are being threatened with safety. However, in my case, it is ok that I felt strongly that I said that I would like to enjoy the instantaneous moment that I feel if I feel a natural disaster, missile problem and danger. I think that danger and safety are sides by side, so I felt like that.

When I have been thinking about that, I felt that the war on the planet disappeared and the feeling that everyone is a friend is invasive from space or something can happen. It may be a crazy story but as I thought I have been looking for an alien and walking around the neighborhood series could be made. There is the European Union in Europe, but there are various Asian countries but no Asian Union. I think that there are economic problems and various problems, but the year-end is reached with feelings and expectations that the day when such feelings become the Earth Union may come.

I just care about the Chinese who I got acquainted with so much and the Koreans who live in Japan. Korean friends are particularly funny and personally, think about my best friend. He advised me on my jokingly jacket consultation as well. Just because of cultural differences, his greeting hurts. Oh my, I have been struck with a shoulder but it was painful and I have been angry. I think that pain will be conveyed if I look at Korean football, but I am selfish that it may be that hot eating too much is causing such heat and strength. It is a natural feeling in that country. The point is whether you can add or subtract it with your opponent thinking. Naturally, there is nothing wrong with the bad. But I am quite pleased with him to say clearly and the hotness is pleasant. Now I understand each other, especially the friend I care about. The only thing that I can do is to keep valuing those friends that I could naturally be able to do. And I think that it would be better to increase such friends. That’s about it. Let me advertise the radio while having such thought

Kazunori O

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