listen feel and draw vol.4


be treating the bear!

Hello everyone.

I am glad that I’m a friend of Kazunori O.

I currently live in the mountains in Japan, but I got the bear meat the other day and got tasted it in 10 years.

Cooking was done by a professional brother and baked the bear for several hours in a sauce that combined salt, pepper, soy sauce, garlic, ginger, pears, sesame oil, and sesame for several hours.

The part is Loin, and etc. and there is some bad smell but it does not matter.

Quality of it was softer than memory.

When I asked, it seems that it is a small bear that”s just killed on that day and I agree it is soft.

The taste of the sauce is just Genghis Khan and it is suitable for smelling meat.

However, it seems to be delicious only with salt and pepper.

Bear meat, it was delicious. It was a great dinner.

At a local festival, my brother seems to be happy to behave the bear meat also to my colleagues.

Ainu captures me

I like the Ainu.

Ainu is an indigenous people whose main living area is Hokkaido of Japan.

The first time I caught Ainu culture is when I read the story of a dwarf who appears in Ainu’s tradition as a Koropokkuru when I was in elementary school.

I do not remember the content of the story well, but I loved the fairy tale worldview of communication between humans and dwarfs.

Also, I love the design of the Ainu national costume.

Spirals and shapes are given onto a star, but there are the life force, nature, and connection with the universe, I am very attracted.

Is it why? I do not understand the reason, when I had beer meats, Ainu came to my mind.

I searched for the bears and Ainu immediately.

After searching it, I found that the Ainu religion is animism.

Animism means faith that the spirit lives in everything from animals and plants to tools, weather, disease.

Traditions and patterns are made under the culture, thought, and faith of the place where they were born.

The animism which is the background is also appearing in Ainu’s tradition and pattern.

Perhaps, it was thought that Ainu had come up when we got the beer which is a grace of great nature that can not be eaten rarely because of the idea that appreciated the nature and all things of animism and appreciated our thoughts.  


Bears and the Ainu

Brown bear is the highest mountain god in the Ainu, it is called Kimunkai (mountain god), it seems that God is appearing in this world, changing to appear as a bear to see human beings.

Also, it seems that all of the bear ‘s fur and meat are believed to come as a souvenir for human beings.

The bear ‘s fur is very strong and warm, and the bear’ s meat seems to have a strong feeling compared to the deer’s one, which does not get stubborn with protein. When the Ainu enters the mountain, he took the bear ‘s dried meat as a box lunch is.

Also, the gallbladder of the bear seems to have been prized for a long time as gastrointestinal medicine even among Ainu.

There is a ceremony called Iomante (Lift a Bear) in the Ainu. This is a festival that kills animals such as brown bear and sends back its soul to Kamui, back to the world of the gods.

Iomante is a ceremony of appreciation for being a human living with animals, getting their lives, and it seems their courtesy.

I also love meat usually, but I thought once again that I would like to thank you that I have received my life like an Ainu.

Mr. OKI Tonkori player of the soul

Well, this time “Listening, feeling and drawing corner” (a project to draw the illustration raising an image  by listening to the artist’s songs) is respected to Ainu and musicians from the ethnic origin Yes, I would like to take “Tonkori in The Moonlight” from music producer OKI’s 2005 release album “Tonkori”.

OKI has released 4 albums with bands and 6 albums for solo projects, one of the projects that he is working on OKI DUB AINU BAND.

Since 2005, OKI DUB AINU BAND has toured all over the world including Asia, America, Europe and so on and has appeared three times in the world’s largest music festival “WOMDO”.

The title of the album, Tonkori to be taken this time is the traditional stringed instruments transmitted to the Ainu (the instruments has 3 strings or 6 strings).

Unlike the guitar etc, there is no fret, since you do not change the sound by pressing the key against the fingerboard, basically, only the number of strings will come out.

Personally, I feel the nature, the earth, beauty, and nostalgia when listening to the gentle sound of Tonkori.

Draw “Tonkori in The Moonlight”

Let’s listen to “Tonkori in The Moonlight”.

The song proceeds only with 2 Tonkori’s taking lead and rhythm.

The image of walking in the midnight as an Ainu.

A bright full moon illuminates the earth, plants quietly breathing.

It is covered with nature and relaxes the mind.

It is a fantastic night.

The owl is singing in the distance.

The tone color of the dub treated Tonkori makes the moonlit night more fantastic.

As I continued walking the air changed a bit.

Nervously silence.


It is a bear.

Tonight is a mysterious night.


There is reverence, but there is no fear.

Such an image came up.

Why do not you try to be wrapped in the sound of Tonkori once by all means?

You may be healed by remembering the sense of being connected with nature.

It’s time to end of this program.

Have a good day.


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