listen, feel, draw songs vol.5


Encounter with reggae

Hello everyone.

It is a friend of Kazunori O, Yoshinari.

Do you all like reggae?

I listened to reggae for the first time was Bob Marley & The Wailers’ best album of two disks.

I think that it was around nineteen years old, but at that time I wanted to listen to music, I went to a CD rental store for the time being.

Was there something interesting On the day at the CD rental shop.

Then, the cd jacket which is interesting stays in my eyes.

I do not remember it clearly, but I think that the title and the artist name were written in the primary color with the whole color is a dark color (probably a black and white artist photo).

Looking at pop, it is reggae and the best of Bob Marley.

It has  Dirty and muddy feeling from the jacket.

I borrowed it and tried listening.

Listening to it, the rhythm and the slightly hoarsely voice of Bob Marley are impressive.

The sound is also jacket as itself, it feels dusty and jungle-ish muddy.

It seems like I feel somewhat comfortable.

I dubbed to a cassette and then sometimes listened to it, but I hadn’t got reggae.


Music master TV Bros.

From around 1996 until recently, I have been reading TV Bros.

Especially the favorite of No. 1 was music and CD review pages, and I got a lot of wonderful music here.

Attractive music, CDs (Yann Tomita and BOREDOMS etc) that are not introduced on TV and radio are different, and for me, it was shocking to know that there is such wonderful music.

At the same time, I wonder why such wonderful music and artists are not widely known to the world?

By the way, in the world, TV Bros. is called a subculture magazine, and I will know later that I have subculture attributes.

learn reggae from Little Tempo

In the CD review column of the TV Bros. around April 1999, one of my favorite reviewer who is Inoue Kaoru was introducing a CD.

Little Tempo’s major debut Maxi single “USUAL THINGS”.

With 4 songs and it’s a Japanese DUB BAND.

I think that the album jacket is not a black cat picture, but an analog record’s and it is written a simple black jacket at the center of the album title and band name written by small white letters.

Indeed Kaoru Inoue listened to the CD and when he got the fourth, sitting straightly.

DUB BAND? What is DUB?

Inoue’s review, I also care about jackets and cute band name.

I bought it and tried listening.

It was wonderful.

Steel pan tones are beautiful and coming into the chest, and it has reggae’s heavy rhythm, excessive effect sound space.

Music that is beautiful but still felt the spirit.

It was great.

I also understood reggae.

A rhythm rooted in the earth, low center of gravity, and inimitable beats

I find it irresistible once you know this groove.

To put it simply, DUB is music derived from reggae, extremely emphasizing excessive effects, track insertion/extraction, emphasizing low frequencies and high frequencies, and also a recording technology.

One and only DUB BAND Little Tempo

I’d like to pick up the title song “RON RIDDIM” from the major debut album to “listening, feeling, and drawing” this time.

Let’s listen.

First of all, my ears go to a shaker that keeps the rhythm in and a warm, deep base.

A beautiful steel guitar (I think it is) plays a pleasant melody.

Steel pan follows it heavenly.

Reverb and delay are working and it seems that it is in a cool cavern.

I feel like coming in deeply into the inner part of my heart.

There is also a bit of a humorous feeling.

Kind of the image came up.

When listening to things of other artists of DUB, there are many things that make me feel berserk and masculinity, so they can be very cool, but where the Little Tempo draws a line, It has the cuteness and kindness.

If you are also interested, please listen to Little Tempo once by all means.

I think you can feel gentle.

See you.

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