listen feel and draw vol.3


This time it is Massive Attack!


cause I simply like it.

Hello everyone.
I am glad that I’m a friend of Kazunori O.
It will be the fourth appearance In this time, I would like to send the third time of the “Corner of feeling listening and drawing” continued from last time.
This content picks up one song with an artist, so I listen to that song and draws it in an illustration.
Which song to select each time is troublesome and fun, but this time I will go straight with my favorite Massive Attack.

Bristol sound Massive attack!

Let me put it simply about Massive Attack.

Massive Attack is formed with three people: Grant Marshall (Daddy G), Robert Del Naja (3D), Andrew Vowles (Mushroom). at Bristol in Britain

In 1988, they released a single “Any Love” and the first album released “Blue Lines” in 1991.
Massive Attack ‘s musicality mixed elements such as Soul, Jazz, Rock, Hip Hop, Reggae, Dub.
As a genre, it is dance music, but its sound is heavy and dark, and it is characterized by a feeling of languid floating.
There is Bristol ‘s group Portishead etc which came out around the same time, and later that sound will be called Bristol sound and trip-hop.

But they are not happy to be called a trip-hop and they seem to be treated as electronica now.

As the original album, They have put out 5 pieces so far, the fifth album “Heligoland” that I released in 2010 is the latest work.

The third album “Mezzanine” has become it that the element of jazz which had been decreased and the rock color became strong, and the Mushroom which felt dissatisfaction with this musicality change after “Mezzanine” left from the band and now it has two people of 3D and Daddy G.

It is disappointing at me who likes 1st and 2nd albums.

Well, now this song is from 1st “Blue Lines” ~!!
Well, which kind of songs do you want this time?
I think that I would like to go from the first shocked “Blue Lines”.
After listening to the song again.
I have decided! This time is the 4th song “be thankful for what you’ve got “.
This song is a light soul number, it is a pleasant groove.
So I will try to find out about songs.
Don’t you mention this song, cover!

Route change! William De Vaughn’s Be Thankful For What You’ve Got!

Well then, what? A singer-songwriter William Devaughn, the former public official of the United States (there seem to be various opinions), was released for the first time in 1974.
what~? Fourth on the USA chart! It has sold 2 million pieces!?
It is a famous Philly Soul’s masterpiece.
I did not know ~.
Alright, listen immediately.
Pray On!

There is more laid back feeling that the cover of Massive Attack and the 16-beat bass drum that is ringing is impressive.
Is it cool, isn’t it?
It is a change of route. Cover of Massive Attack is also cool,
For this time, I would like to go William De Vaughn’s “Be Thankful for What You’ve Got” at the head home.

I did not understand the details of the lyrics, but when I say with a keen intention,
You may not have a Cadillac.
But remember my brothers and sisters.
Do not forget what you can do somehow.
Thank you for what we have already.
It seems to say that.
By the way, the song title “BE THANKFUL FOR WHAT YOU’VE GOT” seems to be the Buddhist term of the four-character idiomatic phrase “Appreciation of the Buddha”, and it means “The feeling of gratitude to reward for the grace and gratitude received.

Mr.William De Vaughn seems to be a very religious person, I think that it is a very wonderful lyrics that appears.

Three albums are out, but I was not blessed with a hit like the 1st single.

I will trip in the ’70s and draw it!!

Well then, I’d like to join the practice of “listening and feeling and drawing”.
immersing in the song.
Well, drawing (actually it takes a long time).
it is complete~.
I finished like this.
Did it.

What did you think?
If you like it, I am fortunate.
By the way, the man of the illustration is not William, it is an American male of the 1970s who imaged it from a song.
See you soon.


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