new song 2018 for happy people

Hello Radio personality, songwriter Kazunori O.


a new song for happy people

Now I’m thinking of doing new and simple things. I think it will be a new song for happy people. I had a cold when I appeared on the radio lately. That’s why I could not make new songs that I always prepared when I was performing. The only thing I did at that time was the recording of only one acoustic guitar and song. This experience was very interesting. It was very courageous to reduce the number of instruments than usual. There was a feeling that my heart was naked and I felt very scary. I was worried whether it would be honest as entertainment. I just felt scared, and I felt no lies. That was comfortable for me.


The less it is, the more it is.

Do you know this sentence?

If you listen carefully, are not you kidding? I think that it will be crazy. But this is a truth that packing lots of sounds in a limited size makes the space given to each sound smaller. Look, it is like growing big if there are less fish in the same marine museum. I wonder if fewer sounds are likely to be transmitted. I’ve always loved MTV unplugged since. Club music such as EDM and hip-hop is prevalent. I will not bother going back. I think that every sound has charm and I love the sound of old synths. But for me that can not be used well even with a keyboard of a personal computer it is sometimes difficult to express in digital. It is to express by being able to do. Club music, I really love it. I really love Jeff Mills’s minimal and I have tremendous respect. Just now I will mix it with acoustic and express it. I also think about mixing environmental sounds. It’s comfortable and cool as it is simple.


Instagram, youtube, other SNS it will be free to use.

However, there are important conditions.

I want you to use it for the happiness of people. I am writing songs to make someone happy. That’s why someone feels relieved, and I think that it is good to laugh. I want you to use it for everyone’s smile. Please use it with your responsibility there.

Please stop sampling.

Because if you are a composer I think you can make the sounds that you need to express your emotions.

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By the way, do you know that Mogwai?

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