the song and talk when I had a radio appearance(Where’s my underwear?)

Hi. I’m Kazunori O.

I think I will talk about when I appeared on the radio


Happy time at the pool

I think I will talk about summer vacation as my elementary school this time.

I am a primary school student about 10 years old.

Mean Min-min

Outside cicadas are noisy.

It is totally supposed to start the remedial class from now on

While cursing, I stare at the asphalt with strong reflection the road to the school.

The sun is dazzling.

Even if I show off, it is a swimming bag on the right-hand side.

I want to say that but I am not good at swimming.

Just there is a habit of drinking water only a little at the time when I take a breath like freestyle.

This is my freestyle.

Even if I insist that the teacher never forgives me.

Oh, life is so tough.

Good morning. (brightly)

Although I enter the classroom greetings, it is not the usual lively it.

On the contrary, only a few people are found.

Moreover, it is a student of another class.

I have never talked.

feel the air unpleasantly.

Supplementary training is really bothersome.

Is everybody here?                        

Well then, follow me.

I feel like air is different from my usual teacher somehow.

Everyone enters the locker room and take off their clothes immediately.

what? Does the teacher also enter?

It also serves as a diet.

It is absolutely negligent to teach on a diet

But it is exciting to swim before long.

Basically, I like it.

what a cold!!

It’s time to have fun after lightly warm up.

After all, the water was comfortable and the wider pool than usual was cold but for me, it was a yearning resort.

With a parasol on the beach side

I wish I had a palm tree growing

The rest is a beautiful girl.

I am already enough kind of.old

What is wrong with going eyes to girls?

It is even more if it is a pool.

Teacher, do as a floating ring.

There is no cruiser in this resort.

Speaking of other thrusts, there are only options for teachers.

My teacher made me stupid. However, I also fight to the teacher with Eh um…

He does not get it any longer.

The sound of a whistle.

It seems like a gathering, but all three of us are busy floating. We are talking while chatting with sunshine. Apparently, they seem to have participated in the practice to break the record for swimming contest.

It is hard to work with each other.


The second whistle is also naught.

In a democracy, the opinion of this side must be passed.

Let’s begin special training!

stop it.

This much domineering is just a dictator.

However, the child has no right to vote.

I have no choice but to obey.


I can not crawl

It seems to be divided into each course and practice swimming.

I will crawl

The other two are different menus because they can swim in the breaststroke.

It’s a practice of breathing.

I am drowning half because I am not good at any longer.

For some reason, the teacher scaled up to time with a stopwatch.

A bit of advice from the teacher

25 meters is quite hard.

It is a pace one in two.

My teacher told me that once every four times.

Even I am smooth in the image.

But in fact, it’s not done well.

Even this swim’s hard.

You are obediently listening to what the teacher says.

why don’t you stop breathing?

I am stunned by my teacher’s proposal.

I am coming to practice my breath today.

Apparently, it seems that the strength of my legs has been better unintentionally while swimming.

I have a feeling of putting life on it.

It may be natural that something has evolved.

It’s not that I want to improve the record.

Because I do not want to die in this pool, I am just desperately aiming at the opposite shore.

I got a stronger motive than anyone who is no longer intending to swim for my life, I resulted in break my record than anyone else.

Besides, I do not have a breath?

It will die.

The whistle of the start is blown.

No longer will anyone notice my tears and hyperemia of eyes because of the water in the pool.

Even though we have to take a distance swimming for my life from now on, we will definitely get off on the way without breathing.

The purpose is no longer different.

I can not agree with you.

But I want to go home when I live.

paddle water with all of my heart.

I have painful many times on the way

It is also toughness

It will be also crying.

Desperately I poured water to live.

Is it still yet?

I do not feel alive

I never thought I would be like a cruiser pulling his mind.

I see the wall and touch.

It is a self-new record.

My teacher looks very satisfied.

hey, teacher! you are wrong.

Where’s my underwear?

Through a state of emptiness. I take a shower and head towards the locker room.

It seems that everyone updated the record.

The teacher looked proudly.

The breaststroke legs have become firmly stretched and the thrust has come

The upper body did not get up too much and the resistance of water improved, so the time grew

It would be a great result as teaching it as a diet.

If you talk about my feelings the force for swimming crawl has decreased well and the resistance to the teacher has become much bigger.

I was smiling with the feeling that I could not understand. because everyone was excited.

It can not be helped in democracy.

My feeling is a minority.

Even so, I got tired and wiped my body with a towel as soon as possible.

It is difficult to get power in my hands due to çexhaustion and the bad feeling that the swimwear got stuck when I take it off.

Remove clothes to change first from the pool bag

Breathe out and take off my swimwear as my whole body.

But I can not find my underwear

It may have dropped to somewhere.

I am tired, so distracted.

Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves more about the story of swimming.

Oh, it fell to the floor.

When I try to pick it up my teacher’s legs hang on my pants.

It is such a fool

It was an unbelievable scene that I jumped into my eyes there

teacher! That is mine!

See you again next time.

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