the cover art of a CD and consciousness

Hello, my name is Kazunori O. I have something to worry about recently.

That’s about the cover art of a CD.

image design and shooting filming produce every time I release bothering my head. Even though there is an image, it is always hard to shape it. That’s why I am planning to polish skill only from the usual day to give the image editing skills as a training. I think that it is increasingly necessary to prepare beautiful images easily anyway by creating new accounts with thumbnails and applications on the current days.

If skill improves, the range of design will expand and you can draw the picture you want to draw. I will try to design such a thing and I will stretch my head at the same time.

Let’s start for the first time.

Since it is the purpose to gain the editing skills, we decide to pull the image from the rights-free site.

Today I’m going to look for various motifs.

First of all, I think I will begin with conscious of the picture.

no image

What is the title of this song for this picture?


How about couples living?


Husband, Why did not you wake me up? It will be late for work.

his wife, I did my best.

Next is this

no iamge

Well, is it right?

With visual acuity test

After that

no iamge

Just an employee waiting for lunchtime

Wage thief

The heart warms when you see cute images.


no iamge

Girl, you got old age smells

Boy, Is it too early?

Memories of Christmas

After that

no iamge

Play dumb

his wife, You skipped work again and went to the casino! didn’t it?

husband, What?

Such a thing may be good.

no iamge

His wife, you also went a cabaret!?

husband, What?

This is perfect.

no iamge

His wife, you were drinking!

husband, What?

no iamge

Wife, That’s enough!

husband What?

I found one piece of my favorite today.

It is a very nice face.

no iamge

During cooking

man, have you broken an egg?

no iamge

man, Two as well?

I wonder if I’m too playful so I will make an image-like one and make it to the end today.

Sort your favorite and put in the text.

what about?

I heard the famous songs of The Beatles.

Why do not you all enjoy playing with pictures while having fun?

Well, today is the end.

If I am relaxed, I think that I can definitely get a good picture. I will keep on expecting such a thing.

Sending tracks

See you next time.

thank you.

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no iamge
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