listen feel and draw vol.1


I started “Corresponding to listening and drawing”!


Digital illustrations challenge illustrations!!

Hello everyone.
I’m a friend of Mr Kazunori O.
This time will be the second appearance. Thank you.

I was drawing illustration work until about 17 years ago.

I was drawing illustrations mainly for children’s picture book etc. However, I recently thought that I would draw illustrations again.

As a matter of fact, I think that I try to challenge the digital which I have not branched out into most of the time so far.

So, I’d like you to finish the illustration with Ibis Paint X, a free drawing application that you can use with a smartphone for ultra-beginners and watch it all.

So, what kind of illustration should I draw in Mr. Kazunori O’s blog here? It rings a bell.

(yes ((((o (* ゚ ▽ ゚) o)))) -)!)

(↑ out of date! I tried to express it.

Listen to the artist ‘s songs, what I get images on my mind, and Illustrate what I felt.
This is interesting.

It is suitable for musician Kazunori O’s blog and I love music too much more than anything. I’m excited.

The first time is YMO’s “Kimini, Mune Kyun . “!! (I got the tingles to you)

respect! About YMO

So this time, I would like to post you the first one of “listening feeling and drawing!”

Well, with the first memorable artist, songs about.

YMO’s “Kimini, Mune Kyun.“! 

Here I will briefly explain YMO (honorific titled abbreviation) and “Kimini, Mune Kyun”.

YMO was formed in 1978 by three people, Haruomi Hosono (bass, vocals), Yukihiro Takahashi (drums, vocals), Ryuichi Sakamoto (keyboard, synthesizer, chorus), techno / New Wave that happened in the early 1980s It is Japan’s famous techno band that was at the center of the movement.

They had the world tour of “TransAtlantic Tour” in 1979 and “From TOKIO to TOKYO” in 1980.

Declaration of breaking up in 1983. They have formed again in 1993.

Mainly in recent years, on June 26, 2011, performances are held in the Hollywood amphitheater “Hollywood Bowl” in America and the next day in San Francisco “The Warfield”.
On July 31 of the same year, we also participate in the “Fuji Rock Festival”.

Techno Pop’s famous song “Kimini, Mune Kyun. “

“Kimi ni Kyun” was used as a CM song of Kanebo cosmetics in the seventh single released on March 25, 1983, from Alfa Records.

It became the single most popular single in YMO’s single.

Mr. Takashi Matsumoto is the lyrics and Haruomi Hosono is in charge of a composition.
I will explain the contents of the lyrics roughly,

The season is summer. The boy’s in love with the girl, she is his heartthrob, but he’a scared of what reactions will come and he can not ask her out. But I really want to.

It is sweet and painful that everyone may have experienced, but he depicts feelings very much.

Haruomi Hosono expressed outstandingly with the cute, pop and cool techno sounds, that feeling of the summer, the frustrating of love, he wants to ask her out, but he can not do it.

It is a masterpiece.

Put into practice! ! “listening feeling and drawing

I could do it like this ~!!

Let’s quickly start the practice of “listening feeling and drawing”.

First of all, it is from a sketch.
Prepare a paper and a pen.

Well then play the song`.
yes! A comfortable techno sound has flowed.

When I entered into an image of the song, coming up with my art I imaged.

Like this, like this,
Well, put in a title and artist name too.

I drew and painted it!

It is the completion of a sketch.

We will import it with CamScanner, a high-performance scanner application that can use this free of charge.

I will take the picture and take into Ibis Paint X.

I am going to fix the part that I care about here and apply colors using fingers on the screen of the smartphone.

To paint ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~.

Thank you! Or, it is the completion.
I’ve done this.

no image
While doing so, I can do so so …what?
wow !!

I have noticed. The official notation of “Kimi ni Mune Kyun” is “Kimini, Mune Kyun.” … (cry).

, and. It is cute when it comes in. Oh my god.

but, it’s OK. The accident accelerates to art. (I have never heard of it.)

Anyway, I could do it. Hooray.

I tried finishing the illustration digitally using Ibis Paint X, but how was it?

After all digital is comfortable.
You can easily fix it, without paint or writing brush.
I will go crazy about my work.
It was a great era.

If you are interested in the app, why not try it once by all means?

Well then, everyone, see you next time.


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