listen feel and draw vol.2


The second is “Prince Mountain”!!


It’s the second time listening, feeling and drawing!

So which will be the 2nd What kind of artist ‘s songs will this time?

I have decided.

This time is Prince’s “Mountains” decision.

So which will be the 2nd What kind of artist ‘s songs will this time?

I have decided.

This time is Prince’s “Mountains” decision.

Genius Artist Prince!

Mr. Prince was passed away by excessive intake of fentanyl (analgesic) on April 21, 2016.

I would like to briefly explain Mr. Prince’s so far.

Prince (we will abbreviate below): I am born in Minnesota, USA on June 7, 1958.

When Prince is 7 years old, the father who was the leader of the jazz band and the mother who was a singer were divorced.

In order to distract the loneliness, he will start playing the piano, and will gradually master the guitar, bass, drums etc one by one self-taught.

formed his own band at the age of 12. When he was fourteen he was making a demo tape.

And in 1978, when he’s 17 years old, Warner Brothers will present self-produced, self-recording first album “For You” of all songs.

In addition, the single cut “Soft And Wet” ended at 92th place in the US Pop Chart.

After that, they have announced 44 original albums by 2015.

His music creates many followers, including musicians, in a unique style that freely incorporates various genres such as funk, soul, rock, and hip-hop.

In addition, he has produced 12 platinum albums and 30 top 40 singles so far and won 7 Grammy Awards. The total sales of albums and singles will be over 120 million pieces.

It is exactly a great musician.

I pray for his soul again.

Famous music full of floating feeling “Mountains”!!

The “Mountains” picked up this time is recorded in the final album “Parade” which is the eighth total ever published in 1986, Prince & The Revolution’s third in the name. (It is a famous recording.)

“Mountains” was the second single from this album which ranked third in USA and second in England.

Lyrics are Prince, Writing vocals Wendy & Lisa are composing.

As for the contents of lyrics,

Once upon a time in a land called Fantasy
Seventeen mountains stood so high
The sea surrounded them and together they would be
The only thing that ever made you cry
You said the devil told you that another mountain would appear
Every time somebody broke your heart
He said the sea would one day overflow with all your tears
And love will always leave you lonely
I say it’s only mountains and the sea
Love will conquer if you just believe (oh, yeah)
It’s only mountains
And the sea
There’s nothing greater, you and me

This is the 1st content of the lyrics. No.2 has fantastic lyrics, and it ends with the same rust as No. 1.

In summary to your own flow,

There is nothing better than love. If you believe in love.

I think that it will be like this.

Is it great lyrics? I knew for the first time.

The song is a light funk with a sense of floating and forward sense of dreamy, piano and keyboard, horn echo comfortably, Prince’s Falsetto Voice further boosts its comfort.


I listen to it, feel it and draw it!!

So we will start practicing “listening feeling and drawing”.

Press play.

The comfortable 80’s drum sounds.

It came, and then immersed in a song,

The image has gotten fulfilled,

Drawing drawing drawing, drawing,

To paint, to paint, to paint.

Let’s see! I did it!!

Phew, this time it was pretty much affected by MV.

In MV, bands play in the air where clouds spring up, and Prince is riding on a flying carpet flying.

Well, it has no way. I tried to reflect the influence as it is.

Prince’s appearance is also that of MV.

Does not the face look similar?

No problem. Art does not matter. That is similar or not. (Although I haven’t ever heard)

Er … I managed somehow.

If you are interested in Prince ‘s “Mountains” among all of you, why do not you try listening once?

It is recommended ~!!

Then, see you next time.

Goodbye for now.


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