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Hello. It is Kazunori O. Japan is gradually getting hotter. Is not everyone there? I love hot weather. Therefore, something is coming up. I started to put a cooler every day! I am stealing the room.  Let’s pay attention to heat stroke, everyone!

Today there is news to everyone. How long have you been on the radio for the first time? Has it been five years? No, maybe three years? That ‘s a ridiculous 4 year? Well, I do not even remember when I also appeared on my own. But, at last, fire music distribution of Kazunori O was started -! Yay.


Wow, it was long.

If I remember, the first gig is a high school student. A band formed with older guys. It is nostalgic. I participated in everything as long as I was asked with various songs.  It seems I did not get stuck at all. By the way, it was hot even that day. I had several bands, so please go out and rest when you finish one. It feeds water but it got so hot and it turned out to be reverse Lol Haha cicadas pierced through the gap between the sunshine like that stuff I chose a big chorus as if filling up the whole Sorry to keep you in the best memories. I love music for such a long time. There are more things you can do little by little, and you can play your own songs on the radio. I think while watching it is wonderful lol No way, a continuation is a power. No, I do not know if I can say that I really got strength but somewhat sadly little by little lol

That’s why you can download it with iTunes, Spotify for free listening. I hope you all enjoy it. What kind of hards do you listen to music now? Recently there are many people in a smartphone? Because I listen to almost no outside to listen, I am still playing CDs even now. I recently made a Spotify debut so I found favorite music and I bought it again. If you really listen to compressed music as if you are also mp3 or youtube, try buying a CD even with just your favorite songs. I feel that I hear a sound that I could not hear newly, I think that energy is more packed and I like it even more. Please enjoy everyone’s favorite sound by all means. I will do my best to make my song come in there lol Hirari

Is it hard work to make it as it is? Haha, Kazunori O fire by all means by all means. see you

Kazunori O


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