Radio appearance and simple song

Hello, my name is Kazunori O.


the radio details and a back story I

will appear in the Simulradio Chappy from 21:15 to 21:30 on Friday, March 30, 2018(Japan time).

I finished recording and I am taking a break. This time it was hard. Because I caught a cold before recording and I lost my voice. I tried to make a simple configuration of guitar and voice because there is a limit in the recording time.

It is so simple to the extent that everyone has heard. Although it is only an acoustic guitar and a song, Acoustic guitar, and a stroke are limitlessly few. It is like water.

There are vending machines in various places if you walk in town.

Among them are carbonated drinking water such as cola, cider and so on.

There are many various things. fruit juices, coffee, tea, and so on. It seems like mineral water in them.

I decided to play in a simple and born form. The model is naked and walks on the fashion show, is it fashion?

It will be different. It can be said that it is an art that shows a beautiful body line no longer by itself.

You will give the customer the opportunity to think about beauty and something by making it simple to the limit.

I just wanted to draw such a song.

But in my case, my most important health beauty has been lost as I am going to do it because of a cold. It is serious.

I noticed it now. I had walked naked in the fashion show with a cold and fever.

Perhaps it was better to put on clothes. Just being able to study this time is that I am very scared of walking the fashion show naked in a normal sense. Art made with things that are not for entertainment.

I tried walking once for the time being. Such songs will listen on the radio. As for myself, the attempt was a great learning and I liked it.

I may be a madman. Just trying on music that tells true feelings as it is may not be a success this time but I think that it was fun.

I also want to make it more enjoyable for everyone but I also wanted to do it next time. A person who thinks it is a boring song will also be there. Most people are like that, and there may be only a few people who like it.

I honestly think so. People who thought boring please try similar attempts in your field of specialty.

You can understand what you own and I think it would be a good opportunity to truly see yourself. Please listen and have fun if you enjoy it.


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