A letter from Martians and download


A letter from Mars

I slept well. It is already warm climbing totally sun. It is calm in the morning before lunchtime.

I rubbed my sleepy eyes and wash my face. It has become totally cold recently, but today is a cheerful day to be relieved. I made coffee as soon as I got up with Bialetti. I just recently repaired it and it’s doing very well.

I waited for coffee and went out to inhale the outside air.

It was then that I have been enjoying the relaxing Sunday morning.

At the end of my sight, I saw something like an envelope.

I wonder what. Is it delivery info on home delivery?

It is strange for that. Not being posted in the mailbox, it is caught in the vicinity of the bicycle’s pedal which is placed in front of the house. mailbox As always, the courier company can not notify you in such a place.

I tried taking it with doubt.

Hmm? What?

Letters from Martians

it is written like this.

What did you say? What?

I have been surprised that I could not hear it.

Who thinks of this kind of thing, I cut the seal fearfully that it is really a Martian person.

Mysterious letters written in Japanese come into my eyes.

I just got up, my eyes are not clear and it is hard to read

Talk to the captain once it seems to calm down. I’m a member of a crew who wants to discover an alien. There is no reason not to report to my boss.

In any case, the men are informal and very ambiguous by two people. If there is something interesting, do not you have to extend it?

This is the report to the captain.

Something strange is going on.

I’m continuously writing about space articles I have been known to Mars and came to access even more.

I will go from here. And there is a call from over there where you always went searching!.

This may be a chance to build a friendly relationship. The captain is also surprised.

I wanted to make it clear that I have been only delivered to me for swallowing things or mischief that was posted on other posts and have the captain check it.

He said nothing.

Is it only accessible to me from Mars? Let’s first check the security of the homepage.ssl is enabled.

Not to mention Earthlings, there is no way for Mars to know my address.

I wonder if you have their civilization where I am?

My question goes through my head but there is no point to check.

Let’s try reading a letter anyway.

the title is


To whom received this letter

It is spelled out.

It opens with greetings that it seems like a letter from Mr. Iwanar who lives on Mars.

This letter must be Mars’ first attempt.

Martian’s epidemic.

The visual appearance of Martian people.

They have more eyes than a person on earth.

Contents extend to joke that is popular on Mars.

To be fond of earthlings.

He also wrote that he wants a reply.

But there is no concept of the address on Mars.

Even if I answer it, I can not send it even if I write it!

Looking at the back of the envelope, it says like this.

A letter novel.

Fake story?

Someone’s a friend’s prank.

I picked my nose. and went to bed again.

Kazunori O

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