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How about the radio a night during autumn?

Hello everyone.
I am glad to see you and I’m a friend of Kazunori O.
Thank you.

I now live in the mountain of Japan, but after the middle of August, the signs of autumn are supposed begin and I felt chilliness even during the day.

At sunset the autumn insects began to sing, further enhancing the mood of early fall.

For such night in autumn we are bringing in to do a reading, but it is OK to listen to the radio as well.

Do you all listen to the radio?

The radio is pretty nice too.

Radio is information only from the ears, so I think that it is very suitable for some work or in a car.


Popular music ranking program in the ’80s

Well, it is a memory of such a radio, but when I was a high school student from elementary school students (mainly in the ’80s), I listened to the music ranking program well with a radio player.

They are doing at each station on Saturday and Sunday, from afternoon to early evening, but we have remembered that it was broadcasting for 2 hours or 3 hours or more.

It was certainly ranked from the top 50 or the top 100, so it was a big appeal to listen to songs that I could not listen quite well on TV’s best ten and other programs.

Television and radio at that time had more music programs than today, pops, popular songs, Enka, and rock was well-flowed.

Hit songs were flowing well in town, so many people heard about them regardless of age and I think that it was common recognition.

Music listener to subdivide

Currently, music is branched into various genres.

Due to the spread of the Internet, people have more opportunities to listen to various music, so it is a wonderful time to recognize the music of your favorite genre and deeply pursue that music.

However, since each genre has been turned into like an octopus, it has been so far, but in a certain genre a song of a big hit, even for those who are not interested in that genre, even their artist names and song titles I think that the phenomenon that I guess becomes more prominent.

In simple words,

“It is somewhat lonesome to say that the hit songs I know from kids to grandpa’s grandpa are gone.”

That it.

said that, I also know the hit songs of Enka at that time, I know how to sing in karaoke, but now I’m in Enka and I do not even know what songs are released (sweat).

Well, it is that there are both good and bad aspects.

There is such a flow, the listening rate of the music ranking program dropped, and many programs disappeared.

The greatness of pops

thinking about it again, it makes me realize how difficult and great it is to make a hit song to everyone.

Everyone knows, the wonderful of hit songs and pops of various genres are in the place where many people can resonate by listening to that song and be able to connect as a common recognition.

In that sense, in the era when we shared hit songs with people of a wide generation as a common awareness, that experience that I listened to while listening to music ranking programs was great even though I thought to get it now, valuable, I feel again that it was a happy experience in a sense, and it is nostalgic too

However, it is obviously wonderful even now that the music of various genres can be heard easily, and the deep maniac place of the music of a certain genre can be easily heard compared to the old days.

Attraction of radio

Nowadays opportunities to listen to the radio have been reduced compared to the old days, but still, some of the programs are still listening and enjoying.

Among them, Haruomi Hosono’s “Daisy Holidays!” And TBS radio’s “voguish Night Radio” talk is also very interesting, but the music that I like is very interesting It is just an exciting and wonderful song.

The interesting part of the radio is to meet songs that you do not have the opportunity to listen quite well.

and also talk is interesting
It is also a big appeal to make people feel like a person who is more relaxed and talking to friends than television, internet, and other video media.

In addition, one of the great attractions of the radio is where we get information only with the auditory sense of the five senses.

In other words, the absence of visual information means that the listener does not waste energy by that much, and it also seems to concentrate on hearing without distracting attention.

Radio that listens to the talk, the picture emerges, the imagination spreads out, laughing with the belly, chilling, it is more personal time experience than television, etc., so the connection between the listeners is more strongly felt.

A radio that meets unknown exciting music.

If you do not have a habit of listening to the radio or have been away from it for a long time, why do not you listen to the radio?

Perhaps you can find a nice show that suits you.

Check out Kazunori O’s “Around the World”

Well, on Friday, August 31st, 21: 15 ~ 21: 30, the radio program “Around the World” of Kazunori O, the owner of this blog, on FM (Chappy), On-Air It will be.

Since it is delivering the Internet, you can listen to this 

FM Chppy link’s here 

Those who have listened to it or not “Around the World” so far, of course, are check it out.

I think that you can enjoy Kazunori O’s chilli talk.

For those of you who are viewing the blog of Kazunori O, I think that I can surely enjoy the radio which makes people feel more comfortable and feels body temperature.

Also on this broadcast, Kazunori O’s new song is the first space on the Air! It is said that it will be done.

I also do not listen, so what kind of song does he really play? I am very much looking forward to it.

Please listen to “Around the World” on August 31st!

It’s time to end of this program.



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