School and barbed wires

It is time for lunch at the end of the lesson before the lunch break. As soon as the bell chimed, boys students stand up at once. There is not a teacher’s command yet, but everyone is hungry. I think. We are going to buy some food Without teacher asking us to wait. A little delay is not allowed. Because the Purchasing shop ‘s yakisoba bread has a limit and it is get lost if you do not go early. In my high school where the 3rd grade gathers in one location, that is, purchasing, the sign of the start of the fight for lunch is this chime.

But inside the school, barbed wire is attached to all windows of school today.

Although I do not know whether the information is accurate just by hearing from a classmate, apparently it seems that it is for us to walk slowly in the corridor because everyone is too busy and crowded.

I do not quite understand to say it clearly. The hallway is empty only before the barbed wire. the corridor crowded. Of course. No one wants to break the clothes and I do not want to hurt. Therefore, it is causing big congestion to go to the purchasing shop. it can not be helped. In order to slip through, you have to go by the window. Fortunately, we are confident in just physical strength in club activities We decided to go through windows like a circus while avoiding barbed wire although we can not speak well like monkeys.

Although heavy congestion was avoided, it still takes time. I tend to be at the sports club decided to combine a carbohydrate, which is a yakisoba bread and a baked udon purchasing. And we all go back to the road we came from. When I  came back to the classroom and tried to have a meal I got the chime to finish lunchtime. It is no longer relevant. A barbed wire that no one hopes the school made arbitrarily. There were injured people and people who cannot eat a meal. I feel that such many complaints are filled in the classroom. Most people do not talk because of the honor students (?). Math teacher came and said “It has finished lunchtime” as usual. In such a case I always get the first attention I have been angry with the school teacher of unreasonable rules and stood up and turned the desk upside down. In Japan, this is called Chabudai Gaeshi.

I will leave the classroom as it is, but the teacher calls my name from behind. “Hey, where are you going?” I answer quickly” lunch.” “Teacher … I” Words cannot be followed well. It is ok. I can not understand why I have to be like this, I can not understand a rule, I’m regrettable or miserable. I left the classroom as it was. I thought of going to a cutlet restaurant outside. That place will accept me. When I get hurt in club activities and it does not work, I always go there. I am aware of the aunt but I have nothing to say. Just because I am relieved.

I awoke where I thought.

What a dream.

I got a bad sweat.

When I chewed my lips with bad feelings I was surprised it tasted like a kiss with the rabbit.


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