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Summer! Various heat measures


The air conditioner is indispensable!


I am Yoshinari, and a friend of Kazunori O,

This time I got in the way of Kazunori O’s blog and it was decided to write a column.

Thank you very much.

Well, here in Japan it has been an extremely hot day, it is just summer but you guys think that everyone is taking measures against the heat.

The thing that comes up with measures against the heat is that air conditioners and electric fans are obvious first of all.

At the time I used to spend a summer without using air conditioners, but that is only to exhaust the physical strength, it is impossible unless young.

Now as getting old I cannot think summer without an air conditioner.

So yeah personally, it has become impossible for us to have sashimi without wasabi and a hot dog without mustard.

yes! realized getting old! It is true.

We have others, too! Measures against heat

Well, there are various other measures of heat.

There are things such as wearing cool clothing such as hemp material, getting coolness from food such as shaved ice, etc. (It is attention to eat too much), bamboo blind, good to use Yoshizu. They bring on a feeling. I like them and I will use.

↓ This is Yoshizu  (reeds screen).

no image

The materials are reeds.

↓ It is Sudare (bamboo blind).

no image

It is made mainly of thin bamboo.

Recently, various cold goods are out.

Cool feeling pads and cool feeling sheets, cold feeling spray, portable fans etc. are comfortable goods that will be easy to use for the heat.

It is truly appreciated.

Do not you forget? A summer tradition of Japan! (Was) Wind chimes

Wind chimes and their origins

By the way, everyone, we have raised some measures against the heat, but it is wind chimes that I do not want you to forget.

As I will explain again, wind chimes are small bell-shaped bells made of metal, glass, pottery, etc. The mechanism that the strip attached to the Zetsu meaning of tongue hanging in the center shakes in the wind. so It is ringing.

Origin is a bell-shaped bell made of bronze called Futaku, it seems that it was used as an amulet in ancient India.

Then it was transmitted to China, was hung from the bamboo forest and was also used for fortune-telling by way of how the sound is ringing, so it was also called as Senfutaku(Fortune Telling).

It is believed that it came along with Buddhist architecture culture in Japan.

The sound of a Furin was used as a protective charm, and it seems that the nobility was hanging it to the side of Veranda for Heian (794-1185) and Kamakura period (1185-1333).

Wind chimes spread to the masses in the Edo period, in the 1700s iron wind chimes were born, after that glass bells were also made.

From that time on, wind chimes seemed to change from protectives to the things that have a cool feeling.

So why do you feel cool when you hear the wind chimes?

Heat conduction and sound wave

For example, when I hit metal, it sounds like a cool, cool sound, and if I hit a tree, I feel warm sounds.

The interesting thing is to feel it the same way if you touch it. If you touch the metal it feels cold and you feel warm if you touch the tree.

Even if the surface temperature is measured, it feels the same.

I feel cold by touching the ice. This seems to be due to the fact that fever flows from high to low. Such heat transfer is called heat conduction, and if this thermal conductivity is high, it feels cold when touched.

we can feel cold if the heat moves faster, we can feel warm if the heat moves slower.

Also generally, high-density materials have a high thermal conductivity, low-density goods are said to have low thermal conductivity.

The same thing can be said for sound waves, which is transmitted at 340 m / sec in the low-density air, but it seems to be transmitted at 5,000 m / sec in individuals such as high-density metal.

I think there is a correlation between the nature of sound waves and the nature of heat conduction.

Relax with the high-frequency sound of healing! Sound of summer

It is related to these things that you feel cool by listening to the wind chimes.

It seems that the sound of wind chimes is packed with many high-frequency sounds.

It seems that the sound of the natural world such as the murmuring of a stream and birds singing are also high-frequency sound.

Listening to comfortable high-frequency sounds seems to have the effect of secreting hormones such as beta-endorphin and serotonin and relaxing autonomic nerves.

Nowadays there are noise problems, and it has become less likely to see wind chimes, a summer tradition of Japan in town.

If environment permits, as a way to spend this summer comfortably, how about hanging wind chimes?



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