CD’s art image and conscious

Hello, my name is Kazunori O. Today I am just conscious of CD art. Finally, I prepared a drum loop. What kind of jacket do you imagine for the sound? I think that I would like you to draw an image that came up with each one. The song and the art image are the ones that match. There are not a few people who buy CD which has a good image. That’s why we are conscious of the sounds and images that are also for those who make images on their songs. I would appreciate it if you could consider thumbnails and the standby for new smartphones as well. Let’s get started.

First of all


This song.

no art

Fire on his hands!

Is the sound metal? I heard a deep bass guitar that will destroy the speakers.

How about a title?

How about this?


It is a fire! ambulance!

I feel desperate and even giving up from his expression to reach the phone.

Next song is this.

no art

It seems to be wrapped coldly by ice or something. She looks like an android. She may have been taken by someone to remodel her. It seems that such a cold sound that synth bells are likely to come back and go from side to side.

The title was decided on this.

Prank while sleeping

Next song

no art

It is likely to hear a metal sound again. The super fast play phrase will take the audience to heaven anywhere.

the title is

given a  defective gas mask

The next song is this.

no art

It looks like a man is lost in thought with beautiful scenery. He bent his head and looking down. Is there something on the ground? A calm man is standing up.Ambient sound and clear acoustic guitar seem to fit. The title has been decided.

having a pee.

The next song is this.

no art

Beautiful eyes staring straight. I’m sure he will not be able to tell a lie. A lie who thinks of him also has no meaning before this eyes. Honestly and calmly I just follow the center of my mind clearly. A face that makes you feel quietness and heat at the same time.

I love these photos.

However, it is the most difficult to put a title on.

How about this?

boy Did you fart?

I’m sorry.

There are times when it is thought that a child stares and sees the truth without malice or good intention.

It is a picture that comes to my mind somehow.

Now I think I will experience steadily.

no art

This is also good. The appearance that he is staring at something seriously is attracted why. It looks like there is no emotion at all, it looks like being sucked in by looking at the expression and eyes. I feel naiveness or kindness.

The title is this.

The day when I saw my mother’s secret savings.

And finally, I made a sound so everyone imagines it.

I listen all the time and I receive a trans-like feel like circling around. If it’s such a rhythm-oriented song, I will image Africa somehow. How about everyone? I thought it would be such a picture if I were you.

no art

It is a rhythm like a monotonous black-and-white, so it’s a colorful shade that comes into view. People dancing to the rhythm. It is this if you attach the title of the song.

Balance beam

see you.

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no art
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