CD’s art image and conscious2

Hello Kazunori O. I will continue training to consider the titles of the songs from the image of CD art. Let’s start relaxing today as well.


The first song is this.


no art

It is an astringent old man. Feeling intelligence. What is watching he further? What kind of sounds can you hear? It would be electronica. A fashionable chord with a calm and light rhythm may be playing percussively lightly as a Fender rose. Perhaps he is making eye contact with other players and taking rhythm.

The title was decided.

Did you hear my fart?

What looks embarrassing. Maybe it may quite smell.

here we go. It is the second song.

no art

This is probably a complete bassist. He shows off his technique gently. Attract audiences with the bass of the chopper and flashy treble. He is sure that he has all the audience’s eyes on solo. no doubt. It is one of the moments when he was narcissistic.

Perhaps it might be this way.

no art

Oh no, you didn’t.! what a horrible smell!

It might be that it was such a thing. The face that cannot stand the smell and diverts. I can imagine what it was like to be a considerable smell.

The next song is this

no art

no doubt. Eccentric club style. DJ going dancing with a heavy beat. People on the floor will come to the climax at 2 o’clock in the morning. Shake their heads and get intoxicated with music. The feeling of unity is the wave that shakes the whole venue.

The title has been decided.

failed the interview!

That probably is.

That is no doubt.

The next song is ok. How about geometric acoustic style? It may be good to have a gentle bell wave wrapping your body gently. Pleasant loops are repeated regularly and regularly. Sometimes mixed irregulars shake another place in the heart.

How about this?

no art

The title has already been decided for this.

The expiration date

The serious expression cannot be said at all and is profound. Perhaps he bumped somewhere on the way home from taking it out of the supermarket. If you eat, let’s make sure that it will let the fire. Even so, let’s prepare that it may possibly become a food poisoning.

How was it going to be? Were you able to do your head gym? There were many artistic works today as well. There must have been something to watch. I hope you all enjoy designing while enjoying it. And I hope that you can make great use of the work.

Please also enjoy listening to work together. (iTunes Spotify Amazon music google play)

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See you next time.


no art
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