look for an alien and walk around the neighborhood4


It is a little more if I come to this place but I have to put some spirits from here.

There are almost no street lamps.

It is pitch black.

You will have trouble picking up something even if you drop it.

On the contrary, you may not notice that.

There are possibilities that you hurt your feet by hitting something you can not see.

Anyhow, attention is necessary.

I am going to take care.

Turn left and the curve unique to the mountain road continues.

It’s a sharp curve.

There is also darkness and I can not get any speed.

Let’s go calmly and slowly.

There are no insects and the voice is getting bigger.

I feel scared if there are people, but I do not see anyone in the way. It is truly appreciated that GPS works correctly. Sharp even a complex branch will continue.

This is reassuring.

After several curves, I saw some light.

I know that someone is there.

That light moves slowly and heads for me.

What is it?


Tension increases.

I feel late for a car…

I also slowly go and go a bit nervously.


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It’s the police.

Police cars are just patrolling.

This mountain road. It is not strange no matter what happens, such as molesting, stalking and illegal dumping, murder deaths, and so on.

It became uneasy as to whether it might be suspected at such time, contrary to a strange feeling of security.

Besides my anxiety, I do not receive any job questions, I pass by a patrol car as it is and turn the curve.

Always they work hard.

People who meet in an uneasy place become companions in my heart.

They are comrades who have to run such a scary place for the purpose of each other.

Finished the heart salute and Haste.

GPS told me to turn around there.

That is right.

GPS ‘s voice echoes on the mountain road where is too quiet.

It seems that it came to climax.

It’s like a bicycle that can not climb.

I get off the bicycle and go walking.

It’s an amazing slope.

When climbing a steep slope it becomes big for some reason. Does everyone have experience? It is such a slope.

When climbing up, the slope becomes moderate, it seems there are some houses. It seems like a haunted house as noticing the streets for the first time. The light is not on.

There is no sign of anyone at all.

It may be a vacant house.

Even if it is not so, of course, everyone is off, so it is still dark.


I can see the light.

Obviously, it’s a car’s headlight.

It has parked this time.

It’s a garage farm parking.

Everybody does not go grapes farm this midnight.

It may be an employee there, this summer season.

The possibility of a couple is high.

While feeling anything, I am sorry but it gently passed by.

I regret to say that this time I have been not completely comrade.

Even though there is no confirmation, I have a little jealousy and go through the darkness again.

To fulfill a big step for mankind

It inspires my heart with the words of the great man, but this is the darkest.

If I think about it, I have a lot of phobias.

I am not good in high places.

Even insects are not good.

There is also lipophobia.

A silver bar for grabbing about the side of the train door.

I do not know what to say but even that corner is scared.

There is a feeling of pressure and I want to close my eyes.

It is one of those not to be seen.

For that reason, you can not get on last on a crowded train.

Because the position near the door is the only hell for me.

That’s why I stay in the middle, which is said to be the hardest to get on and off, whether it is a crowded train or not.

Only there I can not find a place on the train.

I do not know how much trouble do people have if I get off at the next station I got on or the next one.

Go to the interior of the crowded train. Say sorry and care about people.

No matter how inconvenient it is, there cannot be helped. People have convenience for each.

So I say sorry about 10 times getting off and on.

There was a day when I could not get down and chewed my lips.

That is why I have been late for work.

But you still have to take a ride.

And furthermore, there is even claustrophobia.

There was a terrible time. Especially in the late teens sometimes I can not stay in my room very badly, sometimes I slept in the park for about a month in the evening.

There was also a night when I got bit by a mosquito, ants climbed my face, and eventually, I could not sleep.

On such a day the light of the moon always gave me courage when I saw the stars.

I have been fighting with such a lot of phobia and it’s in such a dark place.

And I have not met the moonlight that still gives me courage.

Where is it?

I suppose I should have come here to find an alien but if I had met them I definitely could not stand up.

Even I can not find the moon.

I felt pitiful and I was disappointed in my smallness.


Dodo dodo dodo dodo! !!


what! What?

Clearly, the quadruped walking beast made a terrible sound and passed by my side.


It is not a dog.

Even dogs are scared, but not dogs.

The sound when running is heavier.

I am neither a cat nor a rabbit.

A bigger shadow was running with a big noize.

Something bigger and heavier than something compact dogs that can not be known.

My heart is beating fast.

I illuminate the area with a bicycle light.

If I will fight, my win is thin.

I can not see anything.

If it is the worst child bear, it may possibly be brought if it gets bitten.

It is an emergency.

Stop on the spot and erase my sound.

Only the light is flashing.

Work on your head as it gets panic.

It looks like the animal was frightened.

It was such a nervous way of running.

There is little chance that it will attack if we know that there is no harm to each other.

I walk slowly and quietly so that I will not be surprised any further.

The light switched from flashing mode to lighting mode.

Be as quiet as possible.

The light illuminates the direction which ran away while paying attention not to reach beasts.

Apparently, it does not seem to worry.

I apologize with my heart, I will go somehow.

It’s a destination.

Finally arrived.

If you look around, the mountain becomes a shadow and it is black which is distinguished from the sky.

I heard that the whole city can be overlooked, but unfortunately, there are few lights to see.

I can not confirm that I can see the whole city.

All I can hear is the voice of insects.

I feel calm.

Wipe sweat and drink water.


I can see the stars.

It’s really a hill.

But how?

The moon is missing again.

Is it hiding behind the mountains?

I look around.

Because I can see stars, it does not seem so cloudy.


Although I noticed it from the middle, I could not see the moon today.

Just a pleasant wind and a voice of insects, a gentle sound the plants tremble. A star that looks better than usual.

It’s good.

I will come again.

I just felt that way and went down the hill.

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