radio appearance and a new song

Hello, I am  Kazunori O.


Radio appearance details

Although the talk is urgent, I will appear on the radio on June 29.

I heard that it will be for 15 minutes from 21:00 to 21:30 in Japan time. If you search on Chappy Simulradio you can listen online all over the world.

I think that it will take you to prepare one song for the radio, so I hope you will be looking forward to it as well.

That’s why my ad is lightly and I will go to a nearby convenience store for payment at the end of the month. It’s 4: 30 in the morning. I missed the important game of the World Cup and also broke a promised with my friends who promised to see it together. There is a sense of doing but switching immediately is impossible. The friend has already known that I am a human being who does this. I am not good at meeting. Insects and hair cuts are not good now either. Nothing better than giving up what is not good. Because I am not good at it for a long time. That’s why I keep relationships with just a few things that I can do. It is a connection with the society that is both weak and difficult. What I can not do is let people do. I do just what I can do. I go out outside thinking of a good thing for me.

A strong wind is blowing. When I opened the door and went outside, the door closed vigorously. It is an orange color different from sunset. Feel the season while I’m growing. Early summer is a nice thing and refreshing atmosphere, trees, winds, lives, and naturally, I am excited.

Blowing in the wind. It is strong like a typhoon, but it is calm. While slowly growing, everyone is still not rising. I walk to a convenience store on a quiet road. The wind is blowing and the trees are shaking in a quiet calm town. I yawned with a big mouth it is a good thing that no one can see. Anyway, it is mysterious weather. The clouds are running so fast that the birds that are supposed to be awake are not going to fly. It is luxurious to seem to monopolize a town quietly. It is very profitable to consider that you have to pay a fee to a convenience store as banks are not doing this time. You can try it. I think it’s good stuff.

I appreciate what you’ve done so far and I will get a fortune telling.

Mu … Mmm … and.

It cames out.

Do you have a cup of drink placed within 1 meter of your radius?

Please listen to the radio if it was there??

I will add the link of songs here if it goes off.


songs released

new song 2019 mp3 for youtube, radio and so on

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