Look for an alien and walk around the neighbourhood 9


It is cloudy and the moon cannot be seen.

I think I will report the UFO sightings of the relatives of the captain tonight that I can not go shooting.

According to what he says, the relatives of the captain seem to have seen the UFO. I also heard the conversation, I can not think of a lie. The story is like this.

Relatives of the captain live in the inland region of Chubu region. It seems that it is too far in the mountains, and the town seems to be a truly dark night. There is no street light in the dark. One evening, two children of the captain’s sister who was playing until the time when the sunset was over. Was it around 17:30? It was then that the two people who were playing in the plaza were talking about going home soon.

According to my younger brother ‘s story, there was a thing which is shining in an isosceles triangle at a place about 100 meters away. There seemed to be six injection ports under that. However, it seems to be about 20 meters soon. That place is said to his brother. The UFO that appeared once hid in the forest and then grew rapidly and it disappeared.

Even so far there are many contradictions, but if you listen quite well it is said it is really right there. The captain speaks enthusiastically. I also fight quietly. What grade were they in elementary school? It seemed that they were about 9 years old and 11  back then. Even if there is an error, it will be about a year or two. If they were elementary school students, the school building must have a 200-meter track. There should be a sense of 50 meters in a straight line. The distance is within 10 meters and 200 meters from there. Is it within 2 schoolyards? There is a big difference, but it can not be helped.

But the story is from here. their father is looking at the same thing at the same time in another place on the way home from work. He thought that he saw the UFO. But he thought that no one would believe it, he arrived home and told his wife. Then they coincided with the same story as the children.


What is it?

I am half trusted even though I am listening, but the captain believes it. Just organize the precise information I know by myself.
I heard the UFO is plasma or somehow talked about it many times and the theory that can slip through the object is only somehow but I know that it is possible (quite ambiguous) UFO can disappear. But I have never heard of an isosceles triangle. There are six spray holes on the bottom side. It is quite a short distance. A house that lives on a mountain with no street lights. Three witnesses. I close up the captain to see if there are any others. The sighting information at the same time has not been raised as far as the captain investigated in Google at that time. Of course, there are no pictures. oh. That story is lacking in fact. I just can not absolutely deny it. Just as the last fact the captain is drunk. Today we also went patrolling. In his hand is a water bottle. The contents of it are absolutely alcohol. This was the only fact, he was drinking the day I heard the story last time. The captain is moderately well before work (a principal) It is a human who starts drinking at once as soon as he returns from work. I mean, he has 100% chance of drinking time with me. I do not know if the sighting information is true or not. There is only accurate information that I can assert myself.

One thing is that the captain is always drunk and will make this story.

The second is that the captain is not a bad guy.

That’s it.

Today’s report is over.

Kazunori O

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