look for an alien and walk around the neighborhood3


Well, today I want to manage something until the shooting of the moon even if I do not shoot the alien.

Why? I can not see the moon recently.

Because of the weather.

I wonder if it’s hidden in the clouds.

I can not see from here.

High-rise apartments are lined up so much that the sky cannot be seen.

I thought that there was no other choice but to look over from the hill I decided to aim at the neighborhood hill. It is a small hill of about 150 meters in the height.

Because it is a place to go for the first time carefully proceed with preparation.

I will use plenty of GPS on my smartphone. Therefore, the charger.

Of course, street lamps and so on will be gone, so the light source and its replacement battery. Chocolate for emergency food. If tension increases, calories are consumed. That calorie consumption is rapid. Of course, it will not be possible to respond flexibly if the head does not turn.


I am quite scared.

Since childhood, insects are not good with a high probability.

Spider, cockroaches are of course scary frogs naturally snakes as well. When I find them, I have palpitations. The only pet dog that I like the only one.

Even now when my mother has found out insects in my house, I still hate her calling me hysterically loudly.

It is already a very bad story as I aim at such a place where I can not see anything because I am afraid of such things.

However, for discovering unidentified organisms, we aim for a new dawn of human beings and I also ride a bicycle today.

If the dawn of mankind comes at the beginning with my bicycle, no difficulty will be been.

Make me calm without my heart breaking.

Now we are leaving.

Continue running along the usual supermarket.

It’s only late-night transportation trucks that pass this time.

We hurry ahead to fulfill each other’s purpose.

A strange way continued for a while and the number of street lamps has decreased. How long have I run in the forest? I have not seen much convenience stores anymore.

There was a vending machine unexpectedly appeared in a location that was unknown to anyone, so I decided to take a break for the moment.

For me, it’s definitely an oasis. But surely the oasis of the desert can only be seen by a few people. It is very rare, similar to this vending machine.

There are two but one is out of electricity.

It is such a place already.

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Forest road that lasts forever. I feel the passing trucks seemed not be on the seat.

I feel that my senses are sharpened at such times. It is a mode that surrounds the nerve and warns us of danger. I guess it is animal instinct. I will concentrate, I will breathe silently. It may be that I do not make noise in vain and try not to surprise other animals and insects.

People can not look almost anything here. You can not fight a battle in such a place where you can not see if a cat catches you. If it is a malicious person it will be easy to take back.

I just like these environments. I do not know why. But feeling being sharpened. It is different from going shopping to supermarkets every day.

It is a natural feeling of animals. It seems like a forced waking up feeling like nostalgic.

I feel like I am my own way.

It seems that the distance is quite close to the hill by looking at the map.

I threw away the can finish drinking and straddled the bicycle quietly. I checked out the luggage I left behind and decided to depart.

There was a branch going into the mountain path for a while.


If you turn left here, there will be no more street lights. I can not light anything if the battery runs out and even I can not see the road at all, so I will change the battery here.

Kazunori O

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