Look for an alien and walk around the neighbourhood 7



it has become much cooler.
It is cold at night and I can not go out on a t-shirt.
Today is also wonderful autumnal weather.

I wore a single shirt and I wonder whether the moon is coming out or whether the clouds are hiding it even if the moon is out.

It is beautiful.

A transparent air of autumn.
There is no cloudy humidity like summer, and a pleasant wind is blowing.

The moon seems bigger than usual and seems to be able to see the crater even from here.
Unfortunately, I have no sight to take my camera and bring up a tripod.

I wish I had 100.0 (100 points zero) in both left and right ah.
I will focus on thinking.

What kind of dress is the alien?
People who are supposed to be going ahead of mankind who builds a civilization and creates a spaceship and travels the earth.
Do they have shame and are wearing clothes?
Or are those people who think that they are ashamed in the opposite way of wearing clothes?
Is it embarrassing or such a thing that transcended for a long time?

I have doubts over my head.

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It is not an exaggeration to say that in my country, especially Japan, the culture called cosplay flourishes the most in the world.
Imitating the dress of your favorite animation they will reproduce the character perfectly from the head to the cloth as well as the details from the head whether it can be said a wig.

And a man who is happily looking at it.
A general person who sends them from further away and sends a cool view.
Even a person sending such a cold view wears a suit at the company, OL decides to wear stockings.
Schoolgirls are popular and wearing similar sailor uniforms altogether because they want to have a cute appearance.
Everyone respects true freedom and prides and as much as anything goes to school with free clothing as much as possible without limit.
people who visit the company nakedly and go to school are called metamorphosis and are taken to the police.
It is such a pretty degree that I customized a school uniform a little, although I do not know now even bad protrusion or Yankee (dead word).
And the teacher is desperate to pay attention to it.
Such a teacher wears a dress at a wedding ceremony, has a ceremony at a church and becomes a Christian.
Take your kimono when you are older and your relatives would die, they get transformed into Buddhists as soon as possible.
There is no consistency.
Our values that we kept being warned by people who do not feel anywhere, such as the persistent belief, are obviously equally ambiguous and appropriate.
they criticized for the length of her daughter’s skirts would have taken a walk by dressing it because the dog is cute enough. and
And I will not hide the most important things.
Even those who report metamorphosis proudly show off a transformation dog that merely wore a coat from above on his pet and takes a walk.
It does not seem to notice how many years it is that the psychology is exactly the same as a person called a pervert.
I am ashamed to think that I have been my own.
I guess I’m crying.
I never know what tears it is.
I do not mean to sympathize with the dog.
the dog doesn’t mind such a thing himself.
But we were not saddened by such people.
Just I am empty.
I can understand both feelings. And I still think that I can not go anywhere. Then, it is empty and it can not be helped.

In other words, Everyone regards cosplay as good and the extent is the problem.
Of course, I  do not even feel like ringing the bell of notice as one of them.

Conversely, I am thinking positively about the formal wear of the alien now desperately.

I do not even know which one is no longer behind. However, instead of watching cosplay frosty, I thought that it was quite manly if I had enjoyed cosplay fairly. I tried searching for space suit immediately at Yahoo! Auction.


found it.

It’s real!!

It is Soyuz of the former Soviet era.

It is amazing. I want this the most!

I thought it in the short term. the price was ¥ 12,000,000 (12 million).
It is very expensive.

After all I am not going anywhere.
I have to stay here today as well.

Kazunori O

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