Look for an alien and walk around the neighbourhood 6

Congratulations on your participation in the Japan national football team World Cup.

We saw the match against Australia with the captain until a while ago.

I cannot leave as a soccer lover the day off.

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On today’s day, the search for space alien patrol is obviously closed.

Even if I invite him to play football together, the captain who boasts a rate of refusing more than 95% is unusually hot.

I fell asleep from tiredness and I missed the first half completely I noticed by a call from the captain to me several times.

I have been it.

As soon as I got up I rubbed my sleepy eyes and join the captain without washing my face.

It seems half time now is the end of the first half.

Ask the captain immediately about the results of the first half.

It looks not so good.

I have felt insecurity and I looked at the television.

Have not you won 1-0?

I’m sorry.

While saying politely the captain uses natural water to make coffee.

I am sorry for everything.

And I will not treat the captain as if he were a captain.

I will refuse this, but this is the relationship between me and the captain.

It may seem that they are just saying what I am always making fun of the captain. However, I am grateful to him with my heart.

I am thankful to him all the time.

Although it seems that it is a silly thing, I always ask him for listening to a song.

How to feel. Asking the captain to listen, the most important direction is to reconsider the biggest direction or to notice the things, not by my standards.

I can take such a stubborn attitude because it is an obviously trusted opponent.

It is just an indulgence.

fool, pigs, and garbage between men always mean I love you.

Once he has accepted my love.  by the cap…

While watching the first-half highlight, go outside and take a breath.

The captain’s room is like a garbage house so I just want to stay at the time I need it.

The captain who went outside together decided to have alcohol in one hand.

Stretching and listening to the first half’s story by the captain.

Two people got watching the TV.

It was already five minutes in the second half.

The captain complains to me.

You can not miss World Cup qualifying for 5 minutes.

Even is it the person 95% refusing to say?

I am glad that he likes soccer while doubting my ears.

I finished safely in the second half talking with him as usual.


The result is 2-0.

I always get nervous for the Japanese delegation’s match.

It’s special.

At this time I am most conscious of being Japanese.

It seems that many people like Japanese things much while saying that Japan is useless like you love the local.

A man always tells a lie.

It seems like when unfaithful.

That moment is the cutest moment.

The man ‘s friendship of half is gone.

There are many things that you can be funny if you are between men, to a woman something like getting angry.

The range that it is gone is wide.

I think it is nice for a man.

As I saw the moon was beautiful, I have been able to shoot it for the first time so let’s put it on.

Although I am out of focus, I think that it was good on such a day that the first day I could see it somehow.

Kazunori O


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