Look for an alien and walk around the neighbourhood 8


It is sunny for a long time.

However, I am not going out noon, even if it’s fine weather. After sleeping at night all the time, after the light of the city has disappeared it is quietly making a request to put myself out.

If it is not, there is no request from anywhere in the first place.

I whisper to tired of myself.

Put the tripod into the bag. Check the SLR. Recently it has been wearing dust because it was raining.

Clean with the blower and try manual focus in the house.


Until now I have taken pictures of the moon with autofocus depending on the camera.

However, my level no longer rose and I was able to do manual focus. rise

It may be able to capture the craters of the Moon that have often been out of focus, and even the alien living there, or the living things.

I’ve gained the confidence to master the tools of cameras I spiritually crossed over a bicycle.

I have been waiting for this day.

Today the moon is high. I feel that autumn will also deepen. Do many cameramen begin to take leaves changing color?

There will be events this weekend in Akihabara and there will be cosplayers as well.  they take a picture slowly. He /

I am different.

Go shooting the moon.

I am surprised that most of my mind does not change.

Do you know the word of pervert?

You would know.

Do you just know the definition of metamorphosis?

Metamorphosis is about those who have the sexual excitement that they are not the purpose of leaving offspring.

If you look at it from the viewpoint, you will find that I am more perfection by transformation than Akihabara people.

Today we ride a bicycle with confidence to say that I am a steady pervert.

The wind really made me good.

I think that it is an open car if you can enjoy such a thing.

It’s not important,  but I have bitter memories of the open car.

It is when I was still young and full of energy.

I was in a red open car. Of course, there is a woman in the passenger seat.

Naturally, I’m a gentleman, safe driving all over the city. See the signs, observe the rules, keep the speed limit.

Of course.

If you rush and thrust into the guardrail, that will ruin every happy date.

Well, at that time it was not too much to say that I was going out with a woman in a relationship that I enjoyed driving after finishing meals.

After all the wind is really pleasant for the open car.

pleasant mood, everything is going well enough. That chat is fun.

Gentle curve. That incident occurred at the time that I turned the curve.



The lawn or grass in the side stroke flew into my eyes.

My eyes disappeared and I got panicked. the car hit a curb and hit a wall.

Will the woman next to me be all right?

I will check in detail slowly.

There is no pain in me.

Apparently, she seems to be ok.

It is a feeling of relief.

I was surprised that I was shocked at that time and did not speak.

I was in a mind with the tremendous damage I was not able to switch my mood afterward.

I was crying at her comforting her hug.

It is a story of my grandmother in elementary school.

I have been terrified of the car since that go-kart incident.

I will remember such a thing soon and it will be a lake. I also have run refreshingly today. However, it does not work well because it is cloudy.

With clouds, there is no meaning such as technology. This is also fun.

Kazunori O

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