Look for an alien walk around the neighbourhood 10


It’s clear weather after a typhoon

has passed I thought that it would be perfect for shooting, but it is full of clouds and it does not work. It has been said for a long time recently. I only saw the appearance of the sky and I am going to have dinner. It’s 1 AM in the morning. I ride a bicycle on a highway. The climate here is good to run well. The national highway is wide and The roadway is easy to run if you are careful of the late night truck.

There are lots of street lights at midnight but the sky looks bright. I can see the movement of the clouds firmly. The city night is strange. It is unnaturally bright and at the same time has strange unique eeriness. It is not very useful in human eyes it is dark. So are many animals, it sounds good that autumn insects are making a noise.

The grasshoppers change their color at this time and change their clothes from the summer green. It becomes brown and leaves descendants and dies. There isn’t the chorus of such courtship on the national highway.

There are street lights and truck headlights, tail lamps, road signs that look like reflections, center lines, signboards at late-night eating and drinking establishments, the sounds of cars going and hearing, sometimes heard neon noise. The proportion of natural sound decreases.

It is a night that it will be easier for spider webs to spread when they pass between trees. However, there is no such worry at all. There is an emotional and mineral night there.

It is not a story of which is bad but it is in contrast to the country road where I lived when I was a kid.

I feel that time goes on and changing. Although it is a somewhat strange feeling, even if you go to a restaurant or buy food tickets, convenience store clerk also bows like a machine. The messy rude clerks disappear and I feel that the width is getting smaller. A town in the night is a bit nervous and the temperature drops.

I feel a bit lonely in such a thing I want to find something strange. I got tired of the national highway and I decided to run calmly as I entered a side street. The narrow path is nature and speed falls, and if you put it on the back street it’s will only field. It gets quiet soon, the sound that the truck runs on the national highway goes away. The cemetery will be lining up and the streetlight will be getting less.

On the way home like that. There is a person with something strange. He’s waving his hand at someone. I look around the area. Nobody is here. I can not seem to take a walk with his pet. A middle-aged man says something. There is only me. I can not see any car lights or animals. I wonder what. no doubt. It seems he’s calling me. When I approach nearby


Bye Bye

And waving hands.

Mysterious air flows. I do not feel bad at all and I carelessly

Bye Bye

And returned.

It is a strange encounter that happened at midnight. I was completely scared, laughing at the same time. From your perspective, I would have been perceived by my appearance as a strange person. There was a wonderfully relaxing, airy night there. The air is calm.

Kazunori O

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