look for an alien and walk around the neighborhood5

I will continue to shoot the moon.

However, no matter how many times I look at the sky I can not see the appearance of the moon.

It is around 0 o’clock to get ready to go outside.

Is the moon hiding behind the clouds?

It is not supposed to be drowned in the urban light on the way.


Where is?

Where have you gone?

Damn it.

That’s it. I went to a convenience store patrolling my neighborhood.

It is obvious that the convenience store is the purpose of doing it.

Even police officers shop at convenience stores while on the work.

That is the same thing as that.

There is no such thing as guilty.

We can not fight if we got hungry. It is said from long ago.

It’s a nervous time, so I will refuse politely, but I am not going to go to war even in satiety. I do not want to go.

The reason is simply that it’s dangerous.

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Thinking such a thing, I reached a convenience store while looking around.

Hmm. There is no moon at all. Because skyscrapers and condominiums are building up, we can not overlook the sky.

What a thing.

I bought tofu and a natto at a convenience store and worry about the things going home at once.

Muscles are indispensable for the mission. Supply plenty of soy protein to prepare for the task. But as it is, I do not know what muscle is for. The mission is already getting the muscles.

There is no meaning like this.

I will take a picture of the moon recently but as I enter the patrol there is no moon there.

And it flashed at that time.

Is there an application for smartphones?

A new fire will light in my heart.

I hear that it is not an exaggeration to say that it is convenient to say that it is an application competition era in recent years.

I will try searching quickly.

There is it. And it is coming free.

Today I’m sure to introduce the apps that you never knew until you all read this article.

It may only be useful to those who are on a special mission like me.


It’s SkyView Free.

If you hold this in a room you can catch something of the moon of the future as well as the direction height as well as the constellation as well as planets and nebula such as Mars and Jupiter.

With this, I have been able to make the mission more efficient and I have been able to take one step for the shooting of unidentified creatures.

It is great to go outside and compass to search for the moon with one hand. This application is naturally star 5.

My evaluation is always sweet.

Because I can not make an application.

But it is already late tonight.

It is sinking under the horizon.

It is ok that even though I go out, there is always no moon.

Because now the distant sky is already reddish.

It’s still 2 o’clock in the morning but the sun is getting ready. I felt the strength of the sun late at night in the late summer and slept today.

Kazunori O

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